Terms of Service

These are the terms and usage rules that apply when purchasing custom artwork from Bubblegumboba. By buying from me you are accepting these terms of service.

  • I have the right to repost the artwork I do, this means I may make videos of me drawing the image to post on youtube or post the image to my portfolio or accounts if you would like me to watermark the image let me know, I will credit you as the commissioner by default along with the owners of any characters used in the image/images.
  • You have the right to repost speed-draw videos I make to your personal video channels along with any images I do for you, however, you must credit me as the artist.
  • If you make edits to an image please clearly credit what parts I did and which parts were edited along with by who.
  • I will not tolerate nagging, I have a 1 hour to 2 week turnover policy (for all individual digital pieces) once the ordering process is completed, meaning I will complete all pieces within two weeks, if this time is delayed I will notify you and you if you qualify for free add-on pieces for your patience.
  • I am okay with you changing your mind or making corrections at any time, however, if the requests are very excessive or are constantly being made I may reevaluate your commission and possibly refund you and not complete your piece as I do not want to charge people for art if I am not able to complete a piece the way they would like.
  • I do not tolerate nitpicky comments related to my art style, please look at my art style before commissioning me.
  • Do not have me “reference” or try to get me to draw like other artists, if you are commissioning me please commission me for my art, not because you want a way to get copycat art mimicking your favorite artist whose never open for commissions.
  • Please do not be crude around me, I do nsfw commissions however if you start being creepy, pervy, or crude towards me I will automatically cancel your commission.
  • I have the right to cancel or turn away commissions for any other reasons I see fit (you will receive a refund of course).
  • I generally will not draw species characters that are known to be openly involved in constant drama, just due to the mass of drama I’ve had any time I’ve ever drawn certain CS and OS. If I do happen to draw them they will not be posted and I have a zero tolerance policy with drama during the production process.
  • I also will not draw “off brands” aka characters that are blatantly copying closed species such as “Cinnadogs”, “Dreamies”, and whatever else.
  • I do not draw hateful, immature, targeting, venty, or any other types of artwork where you’re just using me as a way to get at someone else or make others feel bad or pity you.
  • I will not draw in sonic the hedgehog style or other popular toony styles, don’t commission me if you don’t like my art.


  • If you buy a character design, design grab bag, or custom design and would like a toy.house code, please let me know, I will give you one.
  • Commissioners may request streams on picarto, piczel, or join.me, however they will be public and must be scheduled around both our lives.
  • I do full refunds up until the artwork is completed, however depending on when they are requested and why the refund might be delayed.
  • After refunds any art or customs will not be completed and any already completed stages will not be given to the buyer (this is available for discussion depending on the circumstance that results in the refund). Some partially completed/refunded pictures may be turned into ychs (your character here auctions) for other people to buy and have finished with their own character.
  • Discounts will be given on any art types I do not have references or examples for! Feel free to inquire. I can also do pay after approval/completion on many.
  • I can always note you a receipt through email for your purchase however Paypal also does this automatically!
  • Back charging me will not be tolerated and will get you an artist beware journal and a block, if you have an issue, need a refund, or are otherwise unsatisfied I need to know, if you back charge or your account does by accident please let me know so I may clear up the situation, as I will note you about any back charges coming from your account before taking other actions.
  • I have fees but reserve the right to in weird cases.
  • Note: I can do private sales if the paypal method on my site isn’t working for you, where I simply link you to my paypal and you send the money directly uvu