Star User – Status Info

What Shooting Star Status Is

If you are a shooting star commissioner/buyer/user you will have that icon next to your items on to-do lists. This means you are an extremely loyal and pleasant customer to work with.

This means

You’ll always be high-priority – (commissions are always high-priority, this is referring to non-monetary art types which will also be made high-priority.

My deadlines  for your orders will be sooner – my official turnover of two weeks will still apply in accordance to my TOS, however my functional deadline will usually be around a week, I am generally very good at meeting deadlines.

You will have more order freedom – Meaning I will pretty much accept whatever order you make even if it’s not an item I have listed for commissions or it’s unusual, due to the fact I’ll know you well enough to do it right the first time- instead of if you were a one time buyer it’d be a lot of back and forth and hassle for the buyer.

Requests are open to suggestion – Requests are always open to discussion, I would love to help you with anything you need.

Payment is more lenient – Being this status means that I know you well enough to allow do pay after completion, payment plans, and to pay at a later date.

Private Streams – If you are a star user I feel comfortable enough to do private streams and will probably suggest them, so feel free to ask for one.