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Moving Home

My time in city has taught me so much, including who I’m meant to be and what I need to do. 

I’m meant to be me and I realize that home is the best place to do that, I enjoy the city but I don’t think it’s a good place to be if you aren’t dreaming of becoming rich or famous at any cost. 

I’m returning to the west to start an art business and be close to my family and the wilderness.

I also found inspiration for my first novel, of course I’ve always had stories and I plan to do them but I could never decide on the first once, surprisingly it’s my first story and the one I thought was the most insignificant, because I never truly understood it myself.

The next few weeks will be spent completing commissions, branding, and getting the money to pay of debts.

My New Years Menu!

Since everyone’s still busy and I don’t know what you do in the city for new years eve, I figured I’d use leftover ingredients from Christmas to make the new years eve menu! The game hens we got on sale yesterday, they’ll be a perfect main dish ♥ I’ll also clean again.

I’ll post any pictures and recipes in the food abominations tab on this site *v*

Stuff I Do to Make Healthy Habits Fun

I used to be really bad about motivating myself to do anything that required me to change- even if it would help me feel better, look better, or be more productive. Now I have begun implementing the routines and techniques I have always used for my patients- and surprisingly enough, they work.

There are many I use now but today I’ll only be going over a few (otherwise we’d be here all day).


1. A Productivity Station

This is basically a designated location to organize ideas, inspiration, to-do’s, notes, goals, and finances, mine is located above my coffee station. I chose this location because I use it constantly throughout the day and it’s also in clear view of where I normally sit. I used to have a similar thing on the back of my door but moved it because it is pretty useless if you forget it exists and it’s a hassle to update.

I also created a “Can’t decide jar”, you could also call this a “Boredom jar”, I chose the first name because I don’t really get bored I just can’t decide and then end up not doing anything. I filled this with pretty folded and sealed pieces of paper(which are fun to design) and wrote an activity in each one, I also put a gold sticker on the outside of ones that require money so that I don’t open them if I have no money.

Mine is a piggy bank I chose because I can easily put new ideas in as I think of them through the top.

2. Organized Food Choices

I realized that it’s actually super fun to plan menus and cook weird recipes, however when I’m not feeling it I usually just grab a snack- this house is full of chips and soda and nothing else so I did a few things.

  • I decided to buy my own groceries (which I realized ends up being cheaper if you choose healthier choices due to less taxes, items going further, and because a lot of items can be on sale). For $20 I bought 2 pounds of nuts in the shell, a box of 20 chai honey sticks, 2 grapefruits, 5 avocados, a bar of extra dark chocolate, 6 bags of lightly buttered popcorn, 3 pounds of clementines,  4 packs of flavored tuna, and then still had some left over to buy shampoo/conditioner and some other toiletry items- I was barely charged any taxes. 
  • I organized everything- I picked out one of my millions of craft caddies within my grasp and decided to designate specific areas to different item types- I also came up with a daily game plan.
    • 3 Pieces Fresh Fruit
    • 4 Honey Sticks
    • 1 Cup In Shell Nuts and Nut Proteins
    • 1/2 cup Lunch Meat 
    • 1 Cup Cut Fruit
    • 1 Cup Cut Veggies
    • Unlimited Black Tea and Coffee
    • 1 Tuna Packet or Popcorn Bag
    • A Handmade Parfait or Homemade Apple/Cranberry Sauce
    • Lots of Water
    • 1/2 Cup Whole Cheeses
    • One Serving of a Home Cooked Meal if Needed
  • I set up portions – My portions are pretty general but I picked various disposable containers and measured baggy sizes to be able to portion things, the art caddie helps too. For example I know have these little 4 ounce cups with lids that I fill with veggies and cut fruit in my fridge, so I can just grab one, as for my lunch meats and sliced cheeses I put three slices of meat and one slice of cheese in each baggy.

3. Bedtime Bag

The last thing on this list that I started doing, is that I set up a bedtime routine bag- which basically has things to help me relax before bed so I can fall asleep on time more often, since I feel that having a bedtime routine is one of the most important routines and the one we have the most control of- it also influences a lot of aspects in our life. I picked my bag because it reminds me of a tiny sleepover bag, so probably even just going out and buying a kids sleepover bag would work well.



Christmas 2017

Had a fun Christmas! I got a new nightgown and some slippers *w* Still working on getting my gifts perfected. Here are some pictures!


My sister gave me her pony barn and a bunch of gen 1 ponies and a gen 2  for Christmas *V* they need fixed up which will be fun.

When Half Your Socks Go Missing Between Two Washes…

I recently got four packs of new socks, after each wash I match them up, however after tonight’s wash,  2/3 of the pairs are missing, and the rest are only half a pair, only one pair was still matching, I don’t know where they went between this wash and the one two weeks ago.

I had a four pack of my little pony slips – now of which only one black sock remains.

I had a pack of 5 pairs of cat themed ones – Now only three socks of this pack remain

I had an 8 pack with the main pair being an alpaca print – The alpaca print is in tact but all the rest are either missing or half pairs

I had a 5 pack of animal face socks – Now only one panda sock remains

I bought these all within the last few weeks, and they were ALL accounted for when I did laundry a week and a half ago. I don’t know what to do other than to get rid of them and start over because I am weird about socks matching-even though I love these and the mlp ones were limited edition.


Almost Done Preparing the House For Christmas!

Almost done with all my Christmas preparations! The rest either can’t be done today or like for Christmas tree decorating I’ll do it later, since everyone who promised to do it needs a chance to, despite I’m already pretty sure it’s not getting done by them since it’s 6pm and one is working late and the other left after I saved it for her, without doing it between getting home and leaving. 

All that is left now is 

  • Christmas Pictures need taken
  • Some stuff my uncle needs to take to his room or shop I left so he could do what he needs with it
  • Make a small batch of Christmas eve cookies or brownies (might buy the cut colored ones they sell in dough slices for kids if the stores aren’t too bad).
  • Probably will have to groom the dogs again since they’re going through a feral phase
  • Need to prep/cook my two recipes for Christmas
  • Must find an outfit and makeup for Christmas day, since I own nothing and don’t fit anything other people have, this isn’t needed but it’d be nice.
  • I have to keep the house clean since people are already trying to pile stuff and the dogs keep dragging mud in.
  • I need to help with cooking on Christmas 
  • I will probably fill and hang the stockings for everyone on Christmas eve
  • I need to finish writing my Christmas/Thank you cards
  • I need to put the decorations away the day after Christmas (or we’ll have them up past new years)
  • I need to help clean up after Christmas dinner
  • I need to set the table up before the dinner with the nice wares my aunt has
  • Will try reviewing the menu since everyone is just doing what they think of when they can, but we have people with allergies coming over so I would prefer to make sure they won’t starve(my recipes they can eat but I wouldn’t call a spiral cored apple tart or oven roasted root vegetables a Christmas meal).
    SPEAKING OF WHICH, I will make a recipes post, because I realized the two recipes I make aren’t actually from anywhere, I thought they were but they literally don’t exist and I realized I don’t actually recall seeing them anywhere except from me making them, they were two recipes I made when I did cooking overnights for the nursing home because they never would give me menus- so I made healthy, tasty, pretty, low-cost, allergy adaptable, quick, recipes and developed them more each time *w* I shalt now beh a food blogger from this day on. So many delicious food abominations to share on here.
  • Hopefully I can get some candy canes for the tree, but if not that’s okay since no one eats them (though if they were hammonds ones I would lol)


My uncle tried to help but eventually realized he was in the way cuz he has no house skills lol. So he put up the outside decorations then started on some stuff in the house and realized he didn’t know how to complete them so went to work on gifts in his shop- he is the working dad stereotype, he brings the money in, but is lost when it comes to social stuff, houses, and shopping for clothing.