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Free Custom ATC for New Users

Go to the ATC shop and select CustomATC, then type in this coupon at checkout for free shipping and production: CustomATC

1 use per user.

I currently can only ship within the usa but am working on other options. But if you really want one and live out of the country I’m sure I can figure something out!


8-23-17 – Working on art

Getting back into drawing before surgery on my arm since I won’t get to draw after it <33 Learning basic paint skills and decided binary is my new favorite sketch pen. Working on a painting of my tiny birbman. I also bought ten notebooks on the school sales and have started making outlines for all books in my ten part series lolol

8-22-17 – Finished organizing refs

I finished my archive of over 90,000 refs ‘w’ So now I can start doodling and working on stuff again. Also, I decided to make myself a nerdy tween centaur boy, Idk what I’m going to do with him lolol. And I’ve planned out 8 books in my newest writing series that I hope to debut within six years when my art has improved and I have made some animations and written the first three books. Up until then there will be lots of teasers though <3

This character might end up being my lead in a story I wanted to write about centaurs a while back.


Today I’m organizing and obtaining reference images, I also decided to organize my books and give them titles so that I can design characters and outlines for them! <3 I also hope to do some challenges and start drawing really random mundane things to try and learn the basics of drawing as I’ve never officially learned them and hope that knowing those will give me more detailing capability and if I draw everything in existence as is at least once I’ll be able to draw it better the second time.