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Art From FloorIceCream on FA

I ordered these two pieces from FloorIceCream but never really posted them anywhere since I’ve been kind of isolated but I made the tab so I’ll post them now *v*


Decided on A Project to Pursue

I forgot I had these, they’re from a story I’ve had for a long time, I decided I’m going to make this story my first project. My friend Prizm (and illegitimate co-founder of this site) drew these for me a long time ago in relation to the story “Dreadlock Boy” which is just an outcast story about a few weirdos being the only survivors of nuclear war.

It’s a short story so I think it’d be perfect to begin with, I also think the visuals would be good practice, and the variety of character types would assist in my developmental skills.

I also have the super old doodle Prizm did of the character for me in a trade, she’s the one who designed him.