Boba’s Work Schedule


Days I Will Be Unavailable

Nothing Scheduled 

My Real World Job Hours(Main Priority)


My Hobby Work Schedule

6am – I get up and ready for the day like I would for any job. I will check my messages and respond as needed, after this is completed, I will start my Digital Illustration time block, which lasts for six hours. I do not use the internet during this time except for picture references and functional purposes relating to my job so I will not answering messages at this time.
– 30 minutes to 1 hour dedicated to each project being worked on, some buffer time available for reaching a stopping point (my snooze is 15 minutes).
– I have a super nice work timer that keeps me in check lol
– I have reminders for time block changes
– I will do one hour of a personal project each day, the other 5 hours in this block are for owed artwork.

12(Noon) – At this time I have a 2 hour buffer block scheduled, this can either be used to keep working on digital art that needs a little bit extra, such as being super close to finished but still ran past my allowed time frame for individual pieces, to start early on crafting if I know that I have a more time consuming item to work on for the day, and I will take a communication break to check my messages and send out WIPs.

2Pm – This is when I start my physical item time block, for all crafting commissions. 
– 1 to 1 1/2 hours to work on each piece
– 15 minutes worth of snooze time.
– 1 hour a day will be spent on a personal craft.
– I will have limited internet at this time and will not be reading or responding to messages uvu 

6pm – This is when my real world priority time block starts, I will work on things like house chores, hygiene, cooking, laundry, networking, applying to jobs, updating areas of my site to keep it active and interesting, advertising and making sales, and I will also check my messages, send out WIPs, and respond if needed- I will do this at the beginning AND end of the block.

10Pm – This is when I get ready for my sleeping time block and won’t use internet at all, so there will be no updates from me message wise for 8 hours. I will only answer real world job calls during this time. 

– I am going to be doing less streams because I get distracted too easily and don’t work on things unless I’m drawing for a buyer! If I have a stream order then it will be a 2 hour work slot subtracted from anywhere before 6pm.
– I can still talk to people on my phone during limited internet hours, if you need my discord let me know, I don’t like typing on my phone so I will pretty much only be responding occasionally or only to super important messages ‘v’
– When I work in real life or have things scheduled this will be my routine mainly for my days off, though it’ll also still be valid during hours I’m not at work, there will just be gaps uwu Checking my messages and responding to people will be my main priority on butchered days like this.

Limited Internet Hours Mean:
1. Using it only background noise like music or audio, using it to save inspiration and reference images needed to complete the piece.