Sentimental Gift Idea + Printable!

I came up with the idea to do a more sentimental gift, but one that takes a bit more thought and effort than putting your name on a card- this idea is pretty open for customization so I’m just going to link to the printable and some photos of what I did!

In each pack I included

  • A bag of 7 symbolic things and a colored/textured piece of paper matching the person’s personality.
  • A handmade charm
  • A note attached to the above items- all of which can be found here!
  • 1-2 letters cut from fancy paper.
  • One of my ATC’s I thought would fit each person best
  • A thank you card with a doodle on the envelope for each person who made my Christmas better.
  • A simple photo book with x2 photos and cute packaging.

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